When you’re truly sorry, but have difficulty saying it.

All the way back in February I did something that upset a lot of people. It was unintentional in every sense, I do not like hurting people. But nevertheless, I did it.

How do you go about apologising when you have a lot of trouble saying sorry? It’s like being unable to say ‘I love you’ when you’ve been hurt in the past. ‘Sorry’ is used by most people absentmindedly every day. I use the word sorry when I accidentally bump someone, I use it when I’m in the way. You hand someone something and they drop it, you say sorry. What’s that all about? The word Sorry is loosing it’s worth. I feel that by saying sorry I’m not meaning it. I’m just throwing it out there and expecting it to work. It won’t.

I am aware that this blog will possibly reach the eyes of one of the recipients of my apology. But how do I get it to reach the eyes of those who won’t see it on here?

”Apologise in person” I hear you all cry. Read the above. If this is what they need from me, then I will do it. It will make me very uncomfortable, a big ball of anxiety and muddled words – which will inevitably come out wrong and make things worse. Apologising in person will not go well for anyone involved.

Mr B, I am truly and unequivocally sorry for my behaviour. I hope that you can forgive me, one day.


Women’s clothing sizes is all sorts of wrong. Why is it so difficult?!

Further on from my blog about PPE. I have been doing some research into women’s clothing sizes. I have specifically used Bon MarcheYours Clothing and Simply Be‘s online stores to make my points in this blog. (All clothing sizes mentioned are based on UK sizes and nothing more.) Continue reading “Women’s clothing sizes is all sorts of wrong. Why is it so difficult?!”

Offended by the TV?

I have recently been told that new-comers to the USA TV show Friends are offended over it. I have news for you; so bloody what?!

Friends aired from 22nd September 1994 – May 6th 2004. That’s almost 10 years old. Now it’s nearly 24 years old.

In 1994 it was cool & fashionable to wear shell suits and neon coloured skirts. Nowadays, those fashion trends are seen as horrendous and embarrassing. The same goes for the attitudes and behaviours of the characters on Friends. Looking back at it now and I’m pretty sure those actors are horrified by the lines they said, and the way the show portrayed subjects.

There’s womanising in most episodes of Friends. It’s not shown on TV so much anymore due to it being offensive, but there are still men out there in the real world who treat women like the character of Joey did. Back in the 90’s Joey’s character was written like that, probably by men. It was a way to show what the character was like, and was often amusing. In today’s society womanising is seen as horrendous and not at all funny, and it does offend people. But in the 90’s it didn’t.

Chandler’s character is a homophobic ass-hole. In the 90’s it was how an awful lot of people behaved when finding out someone is gay. Being homophobic now is classed as narrow minded, judgemental and stupid. It makes you look and sound like an absolute tool. But in the 90’s it was rife. People actively went out ‘queer bashing’ and thought that it was a good thing for society. Today that is assault and sends you to prison for hate crimes! (and rightly so)

The point is, what was acceptable then isn’t acceptable now because times have changed for the most part. There are still people around who believe in/participate in the subjects written in this show, and others. Homophobia is still an issue.

If you want truly offensive TV try watching the first 3 seasons of The Bill or London’s Burning. The portrayal and treatment of people of colour is seriously something of revulsion in today’s standard of society.

My point, and there is one, is that if you are going to watch older TV shows, don’t be offended by the content of them from then, be offended that that behaviour and thought process still exists!



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