Most writers dream of being ‘found’ and published. I don’t. Shall I tell you why?


That’s right. It would mean having to sit down and actually write, to a deadline, on topic. Something that I struggle immensely with.

If I was a published author I would have an editor, a publishing house, and a ‘boss’ which I don’t like the sound of because I’m not very good at taking orders, who would end up with a very unfunny (to him/her) nickname.

The money side of being a published author sounds very attractive. But do you realize how many copies you need to sell to make money enough to live on? Well, I don’t even know that answer, but it’s somewhere in the millions anyway. That’s millions of copies of one book, every year. The chances are, if I ever did get published, that I’d earn less than a hundred quid in a year.

Contrary to popular belief, most writers do not make a ton of cash on a regular basis; a large portion of us have day jobs, bills to pay and children to feed. Only the very lucky selected few get picked up by a publisher and become number one best sellers.

The other reason that I wouldn’t want to be famous is because of my writing style. My writing style is called Pantsing. Yes, it sounds funny, doesn’t it? Have you heard of the term before?

It means that I write by the seat of my pants. If an idea strikes me then I have to sit down to write the flow of words that stream out of my head as I think them, until the flow is done. It can happen at any moment, day or night, but usually when I’m not in a position to do anything about it. I very rarely remember my ideas which is frustrating to say the least.

I can Pants when my children are at home, when they’re climbing all over me with the tv on in the background. I am perfectly capable of blocking out the world when I’m in the Pantsing Zone. It can come across like I’m being rude, but honestly, if you can see me typing feverishly then you can assume that I’m in the zone, and therefore not likely to answer you. It’s just common sense.

Being a Pantser almost guaranteesĀ that I wouldn’t be able to work with a publishing house. Simply because I can only write to any reasonable degree when the planets are aligned, or, well, when the Pantsing takes over. I can’t force myself to write. If I did then it would not be worth reading.


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