Plotting, or Pantsing?

I am a pantser. I write by the seat of my pants. I have no idea where the story is going when I start to write. I follow the words as they enter my head and flow out through my fingers onto the keyboard.

If I try to plan I get confused. I have trouble keeping up with my own restrictions and limitations to what I want to happen in the story.

I like not knowing what my brain will come out with next, it has lead to some very good work; Spicer Cove for instance.

That said, there’s a whole load of stories sat on my hard drive that are unfinished, because I ran out of steam and couldn’t think of where to go next. I tried to work on some of them recently, but I couldn’t even remember where I was heading with it. I can’t delete them, because they do have promise.

I am a Pantser.


3 thoughts on “Plotting, or Pantsing?

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  1. Hi Laura – I’m the complete opposite – I’m a thorough planner! I find writing by the seat of the pants very inefficient, while planning enables me to be very sharp about what I want to achieve. It is very interesting to contrast the very different approaches that creative people have!

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    1. I have tried to plot, but my lack of concentration tends to send me down the Pantsing path regardless, lol! I go off on tangents and then have to delete and re-write on point. 😀
      I find that Pantsing is equal parts


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