What Stops Me Writing.

I have time to write. ‘Yay!’ I think as I grab the laptop and get comfy.

Julia congratulated Tom on a job well done.

‘Thanks.’ he said.

No. That’s shit. Try again.

‘Congratulations, Tom. Excellent job.’ said Julia.

‘Thanks Jules. I’ll miss you’ Tom smiled at her, ‘I’m sure you won’t miss me though.’ He laughed.

No I don’t like that. Let’s try something else.

The sun came out from behind the clouds, briefly lighting up the landscape.



I have to go and cook dinner now.

Attempt to write while checking on the food, check.

Check food. Ten more minutes.

The sky was dark, the storm was great. The old man struggled against the bitter wind, as it whipped his white beard into his eyes time and again.

Oh, Gods. Try again.

Time to dish up.

‘Muuummmmmm.’ Yells child one.


‘Can I have some more juice?’


‘Muuummm.’ Yells child two.


‘Can I have more chicken?’


Time to write?

It’s time to put the kids to bed. Half an hour later they’re all tucked up.

‘Muuummm.’ yells child one.


‘I need a wee.’

‘Go on then.’

‘Back to bed now. Good night.’ Can I write something now?

‘Wanna watch something?’ asks the husband.

‘Yes ok. I can’t think of anything to write anyway.’




Written as an entry for the Thanet Creative Writers weekly competition.









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