Who Do I Admire…

Someone asked me the other day if I looked up to anyone. I sarcastically said,

‘What, you mean like God?’ And he laughed.

‘No,’ he said, ‘like, do you have a person who you strive to be like?’ It got me thinking about if I did actually admire any one person in particular. My answer, no. I don’t.

Let me try to explain why…

The people who are always on the ball with the right quote, sarcastic comment or witty retort are the types of people I admire. The people who are able to write comedy, or intricate murder mysteries, or invent memorable characters are the types of people I admire. Those who overcome extreme odds to survive, or just to go to work, are the people I admire. The people born with no arms who learn guitar and piano, the people born blind who are independent with their guide dogs, the people who are wheelchair bound and still go to university and just get on with it, are the types of people I admire. Single parents, carers, recovering addicts, survivor’s of horrific crimes are the types of people I admire.

My brain simply doesn’t function to the levels at which I wished it did. I don’t have the drive to do half of the things that a lot of the people who I admire have done. I wonder how they did it. Where did their strength come from and if they have it, why don’t I?

There are people who are asked for advice and instinctively know what to say. The wise friend that you turn to in instances of doubt, or worry, who offer advice and things that you didn’t even entertain the idea of that are actually a good idea, or another way of looking at a problem that you didn’t see.

Those types of people who, when questioned on a ‘what would you have done,’ tell you exactly what they would do, and quite often you go away thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ A bit like the old fruit of hindsight. Thinking about things you could have said at that moment, much later after the fact when you’ve been mulling it over for hours. Those people who just seem to know what to say, I want to be that person. But I’m not, though I have tried.

These are the people who I admire. There isn’t one single person on the planet who has done everything that I admire in a lot of people, on their own merit.

So no. I don’t admire any one. I admire lots.

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    1. Thank you. I think it’s quite the worst post I’ve done haha. It was an hour before deadline, and I hashed it out with minutes to spare! I shall be revising it at a later date.


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