Why Do I Write in my Genre?

The simple answer is, I write about what I know. My comfort zone in writing is the genre I choose. Horror, Supernatural, Mystery and Adult are subjects I know a fair bit about, so I write them to save me the added hassle of having to research things that I don’t know.

I wrote a blog post about owning dogs recently, and I had to research a whole load of the information in it because I don’t know the first thing about owning dogs. It, apparently, was the best blog post that I had ever written. So go figure.

I am trying to write a book about a murder, but the whole how-cops-work part of it is beyond the realms of my knowledge. That story has been on the shelf for years. There’s just far too much that I’d need to research in order to write the plot correctly, and a load of that information is only available by talking to policemen. You can imagine how often one gets to do that.

In horror, you can roam free and use the deepest depths of your sick and twisted mind without worry of being correct. Who cares about what way someones carotid artery is cut, as long as it’s cut and the person is bleeding, you don’t need to go into tiny details. You don’t need to be a forensic scientist or a pathologist to write horror, you just need to have a disturbed imagination.

The same applies to supernatural stories. Unless you are writing about actual mythical creatures, such as unicorns or wendigo’s and the like, then you don’t have to worry about being factually correct, because it’s coming from your imagination, you make the rules. The world of the supernatural genre can take many forms, it really is up to you.

Adult stories are basically just writing about sex. We all (over 16’s) know how that works. Writing about it is a lot of fun. You can imagine me sitting on my sofa with the tv on, my children running around (they can’t read,) and the washing machine going into full spin as I’m typing away and giggling to myself.

My tales start as normal as you can imagine, and start to go wobbly after the first half a page or so. I like to give a false sense of security and keep the reader guessing til the end, because I love reading those types of stories and I want to write my own.

I write in my genre because of laziness, mainly. If I can write about something and not have to research it to complete it, that’s great.




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