What Gets Me Writing.

What gets me writing is an idea. My internal referee that gets fed up of listening to the words arguing, and the plot meandering across my thoughts at the most inopportune moments. I have a love of words, there are so many really good nouns, adverbs and pronouns out there that don’t get used as often as maybe they should. Words like Resplendent, and Moist are rarely used, so I try to include them in my writing.

I wrote a horror story recently that included Repugnant in the description of something. That’s not a word you hear too much of now; it’s such a good adjective to use. The simple fact that I mentioned horror and Repugnant tells you everything that you need to know about that story. I shall post it up here one day soon.

My ideas come from anything and everything; from what I see in the street, or a dream, to something I watch. I once had a story idea while writing my weekly shopping list, and then I forgot to finish the list!

The writing style I use is called ‘Pantsing’ this is because I write by the seat of my pants. This means that whatever I’m doing, if an idea strikes me, I have to start writing it. Often this is at the expense of something else, like housework. It all comes out of my head at once, and I have to write it until the flow stops. Much like turning on a tap, and writing until the tap is turned off. I find that if I sit down to make myself write I can’t. If I’m trying to force the words out, they don’t want to flow. They’re in my head, the ideas are there, but putting it on paper is a completely different kettle of fish if they are stuck.

I don’t plan my stories. I find this restricts my imagination, and having to stick to something I have set myself has never worked. As it is, I’m having trouble sticking to the point of this essay.

My need to write is something that I have had for many years. I started in secondary school when someone’s boyfriend gave me the idea for a limerick. But poetry wasn’t for me and I started to write a children’s story. Back then I was interested in being a nursery school teacher, so it made sense to write something aimed at kids. I don’t believe I finished it.

I write stories designed to keep you guessing all the way to the end. I am not a fan of giving away the plot too early, or making it obvious who the bad guy is. I don’t like stories which are predictable. So I write to send into the world versions of the same old, with a twist.

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